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Factories Integral reforms

The urgent need of the renovation of our factories.

There is a great need for comprehensive factory reforms. Even today, there is a large percentage of obsolete and underutilized industrial estates and factories. According to studies carried out by the IESE institution and the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​only focusing on Catalonia, a total of 311 municipalities host 1,075 industrial estates. They are small polygons, with an average of 19.2 hectares, but underutilized. 40% of the industrial surface does not register any economic activity. Obsolete spaces, since 48% of them are prior to 1978. The factories require an urgent renovation plan.


The necessary modernization of factories

Luckily, both business organizations and institutions are developing plans for the future of these spaces. In fact, a public investment of 30 million euros is expected, plus an additional contribution of 15 million, which will be allocated to adapt the business activity polygons to the new economic reality. Among others, it will be carried out:

The factories have to be renewed, in this way the conditions of industrial work are improved, at the same time that they become fundamental elements of cohesion and social welfare.

With the renovation of the factories, along with the specialization of the industry, a strategy of economic strength will be carried out. An economic strength that can not be achieved if you do not work together with the business parks. Because more and more, the development and economic progress of the territories depends on the good quality of their infrastructures.

If we are able to maintain our industrial spaces with an optimum level of quality, we retain talent, create job opportunities and generate economic progress.


From Prodeca Barcelona we want to involve ourselves in this urgent renovation of our industrial park. We have a lot to contribute: experience, creativity and ideas for the innovation of these obsolete areas.

We bring our experience in rehabilitation of all types of factories, manufacturing, industry … All to create practical, effective spaces, with the necessary conditions and complying with sanitary regulations.

The safety of the factories

One of the key factors in the integral reforms of factories is the integration of effective security systems. In the integral reforms of factories we face multiple quality certifications that the space must meet, as well as the specific regulations of the sector to which the production refers.

To comply with these regulations we use certified materials and products together with advanced security systems. We guarantee the safety of the factory and employees, at the same time as a current image.

  • Access and presence controls.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Anti polluting systems.
  • Alarms Thermal radars Prevention.


Depending on the sector, we take into account the basic needs that a factory, following sanitary regulations, must have ready.

It is vitally important to us as it is to the employer. In addition, these systems will also have their periodic maintenance. We apply the latest technological advances to undertake a solid infrastructure of security in the integral reform of the factories.

The sustainable factory

reformas integrales de fabricas la sostenibilidad

Perhaps the words “factory” and “sustainable” may seem antagonistic. It will not be like this in the future. The reforms of factories and industrial parks go through the integration of green areas that counteract the impact of industrial process.

The industrial landscaping is one of the parts of the reforms that more future augur. A job that will be able to create large areas of refreshment with groves and all kinds of plant species. In addition to recreational parks for children or places of rest from the usual working day.

Today you can see some landscapers studies that address these projects by offering hectares around and even within the factories themselves, dedicated to organic and green elements.

It is a unique opportunity to give back to the planet part of those resources that we have consumed. Optimize large areas of polygons.

“Dead” concourses of concrete and even earth, can be filled with life with reforestation of tree species or shrubs.

Creating a landscape full of beauty, productive and sustainable must be the objective of all to achieve a more balanced and respectful economy with the environment.


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