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Office videogames design, designing is not child’s play

Thematic design, based on the game in vibrant spaces

Designing videogame companies offices is not child’s play. Today, gaming is one of the most powerful cultural industries in the world. And further growth is still expected. It is not strange that the market bets for an improvement and even an integral renovation of their work spaces, because their competitiveness in the market will depend on the originality of the product and this is directly proportional to the work and life conditions of human talent. We attend every day to the opening of more and more offices throughout the country in which the design, different materials, color and originality stand out for their excellence.

Office videogames design

Work and entertainment mixture

In Office videogames design, the premise is clear: follow the philosophy of the most advanced technology companies such as Google, Apple or Facebook. Places where work and leisure merge to achieve maximum creativity and productivity of their employees.

Areas according to activities

The “Players Lounge” is a constant in this type of space. They are also called booths where you play to test or simply to pass the time that coexist with other areas of work more “silent” as the programmers.

In order to find the perfect fusion between concentration work and areas of creative expansion, it is essential to put yourself in the shoes of the gamers, the game programmer and also the management team that seeks, above all, to produce a unique and original product.


Another area of ​​regular use in the offices of videogame companies is the Auditorium, which has its own entity independent of the rest of the zones. The gamer community is very assiduous to events, is very active in training, in motivational internal speeching and in technology presentations. That is why it is so necessary that the work spaces of videogame companies have an amphitheater or auditorium, designed from a grandstand, taking maximum care of the acoustics and the visual aspect.

Thematic design based on the game

In the configuration of workspaces dedicated to the creation of video games, there is a clear tendency towards the thematic design depending on the game. One way to do this is to thematically design shared areas, such as the kitchen and games rooms.

Monothematic spaces linked to the shapes and color combinations of the areas of a particular game, always giving priority to functionality. When we design the videogame companies office, we pay special attention not only to work, but also to socialization, relaxation and fun. With a different design for individual areas, a different application and use is defined for each, and the result is that employees have the feeling that they are in a different space, which allows them to really disconnect and relax.

The gambling halls are a place where employees can escape from their daily obligations at work, and the games they can play stimulate creativity and encourage teamwork. The most active games, such as ping-pong, increase energy levels and increase concentration.

Vibrant and dynamic spaces

The offices of videogame companies are very active in activities with employees. Hence the importance of socialization spaces, coffee corners and even areas for exercise and relaxation.

In addition, the players appreciate the past, the innocent art of the beginnings. It is good to make a nod to that time of the beginning. The tetris, the pixel and Super Mario. Bringing that nostalgic touch will give us a plus of emotionality to the space that will contribute to the creative stimulus.

Creating a vibrant and dynamic space, with specialized rooms, customizable lighting areas and improved acoustics, allows each department to work more efficiently. The office design of video game companies combines raw materials with recovered elements and bright color strokes.

We incorporate illustrations, graffiti or drawings of the same artists of the games on the key walls and create murals throughout the space.


Other essential areas for videogame companies are training rooms, study booths that are closed work spaces for one or two people that require concentration or confidentiality.

The Coffee break and even the gym, the changing rooms, the games room, meeting rooms and rest area. Although there are common elements to all videogame companies, each one has a distinctive personality. Here, the significant design elements are the essence of the authenticity of the brand.

We work to increase productivity and commitment through the activities they organize for their employees or, even better, those that organize themselves. This type of relationship leads employees to be responsible for their own results.


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