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We distribute spaces, we design, we are engineers.
We build your ideas.

We are a one of the most stylish office reforms companies in barcelona that starts every project with a creative coffee…

We are a renovation company far different from all the rest. We believe that you, the people, are the most important thing in any kind of renovation. That is why, in Prodeca Barcelona, the first thing we do is sit down and have a chat. office reforms companies in barcelona

We create life projects

As an office reforms companies in barcelona, we act rather than as a business, as the team of people that we are. We put ourselves in your shoes breathing in your workplace or your living space, living the incidences and the problems of an obsolete space which affect your daily life as if they were our own experiences.

office reforms companies in barcelona

We want to understand the client as much as possible; we want to know the problems that your space creates in your life and your work. We performed a usability analysis in order to identify needs focusing satisfy all the project.

Whether you are part of a company or an individual, there will be people living or working in that space.
We are one of the few renovation companies in Barcelona which conducts asurvey of the space to the people who are going to live in it, according to their lifestyle or working style.

office reforms companies in barcelona

At the same time, it is vital to conduct a diagnosis that defines the current situation of the space, whether it is an office, a commercial premise, a restaurant, an industrial plant, a house or an apartment, in order to detect the weak points or those which must be improved, and to set out the specific project aiming at the goals to achieve.

1. Usability Analysis of the space

We make a usability analysis in order to detect the needs and focus the entire project to cover them. In Prodeca Barcelona, as a renovation company in Barcelona that we are, we make a thorough analysis of the space to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the space and focus the project in order to improve them. office reforms companies in barcelona.
Knowing the lifestyle of those who will work or live in the space is essential for us. This ensures the creation of an appropriate project living up to the expectations.

2. Design of the space

After a phase of analysing and brainstorming with the customer, we make a design suggestion of the space. We design the plans with details on the distribution and installation of services such as electricity, voice and data, lighting, air conditioning and air regeneration.

We take special interest in restoration of light, which is usually a generalised problem in obsolete spaces where constructions do not have enough light-exit spots. We are also interested in air renewal, especially in closed workplaces which is normally where there is a higher level of pollution.

3. Material selection

We propose materials according to costs, trends, functionality, efficiency and aesthetics criteria. On a second revision of the basic distribution design plan, we focus on the management of light and air.
When we get to this stage, when our design gets the client approval, we know we are on the right track. Then we make a selection of materials, often accompanied by a texturized 3D plan.
When it comes to the material selection, this renovation company in Barcelona is concerned about style, but also about costs, efficiency and functionality.

In Prodeca Barcelona we take particular emphasis in the selection of healthy materials backing and strengthening the management of light and air renewal.

4. Budget of the project

This is once we have defined the entire project with each and every one of its details. We deliver the final budget of the renovation work. Our renovation company in Barcelona has been designing spaces and distributing budget items over 30 years.
We have the best knowledge in the segment with great diversity of suppliers, which makes us very competitive.

5. License Management

We all know how important it is to manage construction licences properly. As a renovation company in Barcelona we take into consideration the space, its use and the necessary licences for the achievement of the works.
We are very familiar with managing all the paperwork in any construction work in Barcelona or in any other city. That is why we want you not to worry about that.

6. Execution of the project

It is time to make your dream come true, to make the approved design come to life. We are extremely loyal to the previous design in all our projects. In some of these… you would not notice the difference between the plan and the real space! That is because we have a great, highly qualified team of professionals with a wide experience who work accurately.

However, we all know that in a construction work there can always be surprises, unexpected things you find out along the way and need to be solved on the go in order to reach the planned date for delivery without drowning.
We are a renovation company in Barcelona who are very self-demanding with our scheduling, that is why every day we search for solutions to fulfil the agreed timings.
In Prodeca Barcelona we make way for improvisation offering solutions to the potential incidences without it affecting neither the budget nor the expectations.

7. Construction Management

The construction management is just everything. Being with the building engineers, technicians and the workers… Giving them guidance when necessary, providing solutions and supporting them on a daily basis. We like to be at the construction site, we have been born for it. We can foresee problems. That is why professionals feel so at ease working with us.
We manage the work in situ in order to adjust to the timing and commitments of project.


8. Post-Project Evaluation

A renovation work process of a space has quite a few points which must be taken into account, so we recommend you to leave this in the hands of professionals who have both experience and references. Most renovation companies in Barcelona turn away once the work is finished, ending up all kind of professional relationship they once had. This is not our case.
In Prodeca Barcelona, once the renovation work is finished we look out for the maintenance of goals of the finished project. We continue appreciating those aspects such as the added value in terms of usability, effectiveness and efficiency of our projects once the work is finished.

In addition, we provide infrastructure maintenance and cleaning tips to keep the space as healthy as we have left it.
















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