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Office reform, welfare concept

Reform offices that improve cognitive and productive capacities

We design functional offices because we are committed to the culture of simplicity. Do you like minimalism and practical solutions?

El bienestar en reforma oficinas se centra en generar un estado físico y meHealthy and sustainable. All this is achieved thanks to a favorable ergonomic and social environment. Therefore a physical space does not have so much power, it must be accompanied by a series of actions by the company.

The 6 basic pillars of well-being in the workplace

To try to explain what welfare is for us in office reform, we will list the 6 basic pillars that make it up.

1 Spaces with purpose

We design workspaces with a focus on the playful concept, social interaction. That is, the offices reform has its mission and its raison d’être, both for the teams present in the office and for the nomads. All this shows the commitment of the organization to its employees.

2 Dynamic offices

We design spaces that facilitate movement. Therefore, we design a variety of indoor and outdoor microzones. In this way, we facilitate changes in posture, location … The staff does not have to always sit, you can stand, lounge …

Well, both physical energy and movement are essential to stimulate the brain and cognitive abilities. For that reason, we design spaces that stimulate this facet of the human being.

3 Spaces for a positive attitude

Our office reform projects can be easily modified by users and equipment. In this way, you flee from the tight spaces towards a space of experimentation and stimulation of creativity. The employee feels free and also feels that his company lets him be. At the same time, the workspace is never the same, which avoids the routine.

4. High concentration

It is increasingly clear the importance of maintaining focus on tasks for a better quantitative and qualitative productivity. That is why we create environments that facilitate concentration, avoiding distractions.

5 Identity spaces

Teams freely express their own personality and identity through space. Empower giving them control of their work area. So they themselves select the environment that suits them best.

t is a good custom for companies to encourage employees to customize their work areas with personal decorative objects in their workplace.

reforma oficina

6 Feeling of belonging

Reform offices that facilitate professional and personal connections. We ensure that the spaces destined to connect with others are intuitive and accessible for nomadic teams.

The welfare office areas

Project Zone

It is a shared space. Fundamentally to work in teams on projects and small groups. Collaboration is encouraged, both analogically and digitally. At the same time you are invited to share content and generate ideas.

Office coffe

n addition, in every socialization space there must be a cafeteria or office area. Well, it is basic to foster interrelationships. An informal and social environment that allows you to relate and build trust. It offers opportunities to interact. It also houses the workers and gives them a sense of belonging. In this area healthy professional relationships are encouraged.

Nomad Zone

Most companies today have dynamic workers, what we call nomads. For them a space with a variety of cozy environments is created.

Work areas that allow both to concentrate and collaborate with others.

Private Office

Private spaces are necessary to be able to isolate and concentrate on an individual level. Therefore, they tend to be soundproofed spaces but allow the individual concentration to pass through the interactions and connections.


Views that inspire, the healthy symbiosis with nature. Here movement is promoted through the environment by encouraging users to select the appropriate space for a given task. Employees meet all your needs throughout the day. They can work concentrated, collaborate creatively or relax for a while.

R&D rooms

We also design innovation zones. This is a space for experimentation and where to squander imagination and creativity. Learning, critical thinking and the search for new solutions are encouraged.

Fixed individual space

This is a very common space for the stable staff of the company. They are allowed to customize their spaces to the maximum their jobs and adjust them for your comfort. Finally, the general zone satisfies various user needs, such as concentrated work, collaboration or specific tasks.

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