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Integral reforms that solves problems

We reform to help companies be more productive

Our business reforms are designed to add value to our customers. We are not satisfied with designing and building efficiently, with quality, that is already presupposed. We are looking for something else, we want the people who are going to live in that space to feel better than at home. What is that very good? Especially to improve production, avoiding blunders like work absenteeism and burned worker syndrome.

How do we do it? First of all we listen, we listen and we listen and we listen again to the client. Well, our comprehensive business reforms would not make sense if they don’t satisfy him. But it is that behind, or next to or below or wherever (we do not get into how he wants to organize the hierarchy of his company … It would be missing!), Is his team.

Integral reforms that adds value

Of course, what you have insured are TROUBLESHOOTING. That you lack space …. SOLUTION. I do not know where to get more light, we see nothing! … SOLUTION. That the cables are eating us! SOLUTION … And this is just some examples of what we usually find in those old spaces, a little “abandoned” that for us is like a candy. Because the teams and businessmen have enough work to carry out a business to worry about whether the air conditioning does not work.

Our big difference

When they ask us why we are different from the rest of the reform companies, we are clear. We design spaces that generate feelings of empathy that bring people closer. In this way, we make possible what most entrepreneurs ask us to talk to each other, to interact and help each other. Because that way the company will produce more, better and optimize its intellectual capital.

reformas integrales empresas interaccion

In addition, most of our reforms end up being very flexible spaces. Well, we are in a moment of growth and changes, many changes, caused, in part by the technological revolution.

We realize every day in conversations with companies. The business ecosystem is changing due to the great trends of globalization, digitalization, demography, mobility and automation.

All this has a radical impact on work spaces. Therefore, we try to design them as flexible as possible, to meet the maximum needs that our customers ask us. Spaces for informal meetings, more communication but combined with more concentrated work. They also ask us for special areas for presentations, teamwork and many other new ways of developing tasks.

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