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Design of offices in industrial buildings

Integration of the work process of the machines with people

More and more companies are developing their production and administration activity in the same industrial warehouse. There is a trend of generation of new promotions of buildings in industrial estates where there are several and very varied services. These are complex, large-scale buildings that integrate various activities related to the company. As space designers, we must guarantee an agile, practical and productive workflow.

The coexistence of machines and people

One of the keys in the design of offices in industrial buildings is the previous structural calculation of the spaces. This implies an exhaustive work of planning of high precision, as well as an in-depth study of the productive flow of the factory or industry.

In this scheme of interrelations, the human team of the office must be integrated effectively. Achieving maximum communication in a large format space is the main challenge of a project of this type.

The office space in the industry must be connected intelligently. At the same time, we must take into account all the normative part that is different in each sector and that can also affect the administrative, commercial, R & D, design … How to distribute an office in an industrial warehouse will be defined by Studies on the needs of the company regarding several factors:


. Flow of people.

. Documentation routes.

. Technological infrastructure.

. Prevention of accidents.

. Logistics

. Maintenance or service workshops

. Storage


In our design projects of offices in industrial buildings, the sensations that customers perceive of them as well as those of their workers are important. It is essential that, despite being a large-format space, there are elements of image that reflect the identity and values ​​of the company.

Thus, the goal of an office within a factory is to “be”, work and imagine. Design a space capable of transmitting creativity and warmth to clients and employees and that adapts to the needs of both.

In offices, the focus is not only on administrative work, but also on creative work, research, Quality and R & D. That is why it is essential to create a space in which all these activities can be developed but still connected to the industry.

Having views of the factory is interesting for the design of offices in industrial buildings. It connects the two great facets of the company and does not lose sight of the main objective that is production and quality. That is why we believe that there must be a continuous visual contact between the factory and the office.

The division of office space is made according to the needs, although we can establish four generalized areas such as the work area, the exhibition area, the meeting area and the waiting or reception area.

In our projects we have developed other areas such as training rooms or auditoriums, the dining room and even rest areas and inspiration.

The important thing is to achieve a spatial fluidity common to the entire building to ensure that the reform is a unitary whole.


Design in the industrial style

There is a special beauty in pavements, structure and industrial materials in which we can be inspired to create a stimulating space style, between futuristic and inspiring.

The metal profiling, the concrete, the cement … They can be integrated into the design of the office in the industrial warehouse.

There are many resources that construction technology offers us when creating our office in the industrial warehouse. At this point, the possibilities are multiple and to the consumer’s liking, since depending on the air we want to create in the office, it will be convenient to use one material or another, such as vinyl, fiber, plaster or metal plates.

Booking an office in an industrial building is a great challenge for the architecture and interior design team, a complicated but rewarding engineering job.

Attention must be paid to all the details, since proper management of the space, furniture and design of an office means an increase in productivity and an improvement in performance.

In this type of projects we develop a planning, control and precision work on a large scale.


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