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Interior design for restaurants, 100% concept

An interior design project for a restaurant requires a concept.

One of our missions when we approach an interior design project for a restaurant is knowing the brand concept of the business. From then on, we come up with design and architecture solutions to translate the message of the original idea of the establishment into its physical dimension.

Rather than merely interior designers, we consider ourselves your partner in the creative process of your restaurant business concept in particular.

The concept, the secret of success

At Prodeca Barcelona, we are passionate about the world of gastronomy. Our key principles of innovation and creativity are well represented in this universe of tastes, textures, and flavors.

We are aware of the difficulties in terms of business management faced by restaurants and gastronomic establishments, as a result both of the great competition existing in Spain as one of the main tourist destinations, and of the increasing level of demand of the consumer, more and more intelligent every day.

Interior design for restaurants may be the solution to many restaurant managers’ headaches by helping develop the concept, since the concept is precisely where the secret of success lies.



What is it about this bar that everyone likes?

As customers, we are more intelligent, we double check where we spend our money, where we go, where we eat…  We want to enjoy the fact of being at a place where we feel at home, as part of a community, and of being surprised with some little details.

Surely it has happened to you being at a restaurant and, unknowing why, just feeling relaxed, at ease… If you look into it, many things apart from design, aesthetics and taste come into play and make the difference –a difference sometimes perceived only through the emotions or the senses.

Creating an emotional experience

One of the key principles at Prodeca Barcelona when working on interior design for restaurants is to make the people living our spaces happy. This applies exactly to gastronomic establishments, where our mission is to make everyone, from the chef to the hall waiter, feel happy to be part of the company they work at.

The secret is in the details and on how they are expressed inside the establishment. From distribution, paving, textiles… to the design of tableware, cups, table linen, furniture or lighting…

Everything has to be consistent with the original concept, and also with the contents diffused online and offline.

The community will be built on that concept as the base of an innovative, creative and unique idea of the restaurant.


Defining an original concept

Very often we come up with restaurants with a latent, undefined concept. Sometimes, the marketing and management team have the idea very clear in their minds and they develop the creative contents in an aligned way, in a varied creative partnership.

There are also those who aspire to become a reference for a specific cuisine or ingredient starting from scratch.

Given the wide range of scenarios on interior design for restaurants, our work begins by analyzing point to point the restaurant’s concept in order to transmit it as original as possible.


Diseno de interiores para restaurantes

The kitchen, the heart and th soul

The kitchen is the sacred place of a restaurant, it is where everything is created and produced, and where the magic of the gastronomic concept is being given birth.

All our work must begin and end at this point, since the creative base of the concept will arise from here.

The cuisine style, cultural origin of the cookery team, ingredients, cooking times and food processing… or even the way of presentation of dishes…

All of these variables impact directly on the definition of the message that will run implicitly onto the space.

We can design either closed or open kitchens, or opt for a Showcooking at sight concept… Everything will depend on the brand concept, that is, the branding behind the business.

The interior design project for a restaurant includes a kitchen design adjusted to the brand.

It is essential to know the style, personality, culture and professional goals of the whole human team. To understand the chef, the kitchen assistant, the hall waiters, the maître… These are all essential links on the creative chain at the gastronomic establishment.

The restaurant will be their temple, their place of creation and experimentation, therefore getting to know their needs is a key point.

Our challenge is to design a kitchen which is convenient, accessible and functional while, at the same time, is provoking and seductive for the creative staff.

Respect for the act of eating

Eating is one of the most private and personal actions a person can take, one of the most emotional and sensual ones. Interior design for restaurants must take this into account by offering the best comfort and intimacy to the diners.

We will care for the light to the max, aligning it with our pre-set concept. Lighting will be defined strategically in different, more or less intimate areas.

As for the distribution of tables or areas for midday or evening dining, according to the target of the restaurant or bar, we will choose to design micro spaces with special tables for groups, business or friends, for families or couples.

The light, the type of furniture and even the decoration and the acoustics will be different in every case.

We consider specific aspects as the age, the culture of the community of diners, their interests and concerns.

Diseno de interiores para restaurantes

Music, yes or not?

One of the existential questions that we have had to cope with on many of our interior design projects for restaurants is whether to include music or not.

Definitely, everything will depend on the strategic goal we have set and on the establishment’s type of diners.

One scenario is a design tapas bar, to which chill out music can be added from a certain time in the evening, and a completely different one is a Mediterranean food restaurant by the sea, in broad daylight, where it is better to enjoy the sound of the waves.

Anyway, acoustics is an essential point on all interior design projects and the choice of the materials and their appropriate use in the space will make the overall acoustics is effectively aligned with the original brand concept.

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