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Emotional spaces design

Emotional spaces design blows away the old concept of the office.

When you feel the need to rush and touch just everything, to feel the shape and size of the furniture, the light, the textures, the influence of colours… and it gives you a sense of well-being, peace and even joy; that is the magical effect of what we call emotional spaces design.

The office space, a living place, full of emotions

Any space, building, venue or place is art. The architect creates art: it is here where you feel different emotions, where you have lived, or will live, different stories. This is what you get with the design of emotional spaces: to stir emotions, to awaken them or to re-live them.

Emotional design aims to personalize and make a space unique, far from whatever is mass produced, aspiring to create something truly unique that inspires desire and emotion.

diseño de espacios emocionales

Taking into consideration the emotional needs of people can be decisive when projecting a workspace: it helps to reduce stress, to achieve the results and targets we are aiming for, and to keep up optimism, among other benefits.

Incorporating the design strategies that stimulate emotional cues can also improve people’s power of engagement, commitment, health and productivity.

There is a huge difference between an office and a workspace. The former refers to something methodical, grey, where we could eventually feel like automatons. On the other hand, the latter is the place where we could make progress and develop our career.

The place where the ideas lives

An office must have a soul, something similar to the feeling of a hug. As humans, we are both emotional and intelligent beings and, as such, we need to connect with our spaces.

Therefore, in order to reach that soul, it is crucial to anticipate trends by always offering something new to grab the attention of the people who work in an IT environment. Our vision of the office is a place where the ideas that will help a brand or a company grow see the light.

Our approach to design is more focused on enjoying work life than on style. We support the idea that a true “team spirit” is essential in order to work within a space.

We generate our ideas after analysing the client’s needs and their aesthetic and functional preferences. We then move forward to study the purpose of the space, to set the main guidelines and to define the concepts the design will turn around. The ideas start to flow from there.

We promote the “Team Spirit”

The success of any project lies in the differences, the innovation, that makes it unique. Workspaces have a strong impact on people and their emotional needs. They can foster relationships and provide security, a field of peer-to-peer connection, a community of people with the same goals and a space of personal appreciation.

By incorporating the design strategies that stimulate emotional cues, you can also improve people’s power of engagement, commitment, health and productivity. Through the unique vision of design on our spaces, we are not only communicating their visible aspects, but also what being in them feels like.

We do this by using what we call “emotional values”, trying to create spaces that have an effect on people through the five senses, and generating positive experiences.

We want to achieve a true connection between the team and their workspace: a connection that goes well beyond its functional and practical side; that goes down to their deepest desires. This is the only way to ensure the flow of emotions, the ties that make for a competitive and creative project.

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